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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 5, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. let's take a look at the best videos the web has to offer "right this minute." >> anybody else? >> a man helps a woman from a wrecked car. things take a turn for the weird when she -- >> starts to rundown the highway ramp. >> the story of how officers tracked her down under a tree. >> a bus rider gets mad at some school boys and -- >> listen to her language. >> see why she is just getting started. >> sit the [ bleep ] down. >> i think a whole bunch of
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sailors closed their eyes and covered their ears. baby won't go to bed. now one dad swears by the -- >> oomp alump amessage. >> this may not real sleeper hold. >> and you might be a red neck if you tie an old car to a tree -- >> and just start yanking. >> see just how many tries to take that tree down. >> a photographer in the right place at the right time happened to catch an accident scene. this woman rolled her nissan suv over. you can see it on the other side of the guardrail. the guy there used a crowbar to help her out. >> anybody else? >> no. >> he was just a good samaritan and happened to be nearby when this accident happened. >> this poor girl, her shirt is all out of place, too. you can imagine how disoriented she feels at this point. >> the ptographer from our
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friend t scenario on camera. you see the woman doesn't appear tore hurt and approaches this white mercedes. 10 news reports the woman and the guy driving the white mercedes seem to know each other. she gets out of the mercedes and starts to rundown the highway ramp. >> wait. she starts running down the highway? >> yep. like i am out of here, and the photographer is on the phone with police. >> i am chasing the victim. she is running westbound down the right shoulder. >> he is part of a police search operation because she gets into an empty canal. >> up there where the dark patch is. she went left. >> officers did catch up with who they say is 30-year-old rosa garcia. >> hey! >> police. turn around. turn around. turn around. >> she keeps repeating my mom was driving.
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>> my mom was driving. my mom was driving. >> was she drinking? why was she freaking out. >> police arrested and booked garcia under suspicion of dui charges and a violation of court probation. >> even if mom was driving why would you run away? a disturbing scene on a city bus in australia. take a look at this. >> sit [ bleep ]. >> sit down [ bleep ]. >> what are you seeing is an altercation between this 50-year-old woman and these two asian school boys. now, according to reports they are standing on this city bus because they are carrying some equipment that is fragile that is in boxes. they have them sitting on the seat so they don't fall. >> are they able to stand in the bus? >> it is fine to stand on a city bus. this woman seems to have a problem because they are blocking her view. >> sit [ bleep ]. >> okay.
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>> first of all, who died and made this lady commissioner of the bus. >> and her words become racist. >> do the right thing and sit down. now i can see where they're going. >> her drinking problem is known to people not just in australia but all over the world. >> it is so disturbing the bus driver has to stop the bus and he comes back and tries to quiet the woman. the one student who was most involved does start using some obscene gestures and when he does, listen to her language. >> [ bleep ]. >> what? >> i think a whole bunch of sailors just closed their eyes and covered their ears. >> this is in china as you can see. this river is flowing quite
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turbulently. this truck is stuck on a bridge. it can't go anywhere. fire fighters came to rescue the driver of that truck. >> what was that? they shot like ropes out of like a sling shot kind of thing. >> he was able to secure it and tie it to the truck and look what they do to the other end of the rope. just tying a knot to the waist of one of the fire fighters. >> no. >> yep. it gets better. then they use this big crane and they hook the crane to the knot on the fire fighter. >> to get him over there. >> they then tie a knot around the driver of that truck and before you know it, they're both being pulled back to safety dangling, of course, but they're safe. >> like holding him by the back of his pants and giving him a
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wedgeie. >> way to go rescuers. >> they figure it out. they had to do it quickly. 16 surveillance cameras, a neighbor helping police out, and they still weren't able to catch a fish thief. this happened at a pet shop in australia. you see the suspect walking by the front window and he goes to the side and eventually breaks in through a side door. once he is inside the store, he starts stuffing fish into some plastic bags. >> like exotic fish? >> yes, very exotic fish. the guy ended up getting away with nearly $15,000 worth of fish and accessories. according to 7 news in australia the owner called the police while this whole thing was going on and then a neighbor reported to police, say, there is something going on next door, and then this neighbor even helped police out. >> actually looking around and we went around the back of the premises and had to look over through the side there and there
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was nothing we could see. >> he slipped slew the drag net so to speak like a fish. a gwhen a guy gets there, a couple guys standing around and looking at the driver. >> how this man took matters into his own hands to get the driver out. >> plus showing off how he tells his raven friends it is speeding time. >> fred even makes raven noises at his old buddy and watch this. >> that aboy. >> the story behind the bffs and their special bond next.
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it is time for best of rtm once again. we'll tell you about a bonus video you can find on our website. >> they're back and walking around a beach and have this thing that looks like a pet
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skunk. >> whoa. >> go in the water. he just sprayed you. go in the water. >> a good way to ruin somebody's day at the beach and i think in the end they know it is a prank. >> head over to our website and click on best of rtm. >> or watch it on the mobile app. >> to san francisco where there is a big bike gathering happening. a guy has a camera facing backwards. he caught an incident that may make you go, oh, man, come on. >> see him on the left? he is trying to scoot by. the guy in the blue jacket doesn't see him coming. dumped off the bike and the guy that seems to cause the accident is going. >> it is not appropriate bike behavior. it is like his bike buddy. >> it is an accident and you can still check on him. >> and he is probably fine. it is the thought. just go back and check on him. >> another accident. this on a highway in california. see, that is a garbage truck over turned and the guy we're riding with grabs his camera and pulls over and gets out to help and runs back to the garbage
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truck and the driver appears to be uninjured. when the guy gets there with his camera, a couple other guys just standing around and looking at the driver. not really doing anything. until the guy with the camera jumps in and lends a hand. >> you okay? >> come on. come on. >> come on. >> the guy with the camera reaches up, grabs his understand that hand and helps him out and definitely shaken up and needed help to get out sgr you could tell he was reaching for help like waving like somebody give me a hand here. >> how nice of this fellow about the camera. he really got out. you could hear the concern and are you okay? helped the guy out. >> we see the hero. >> good helping out. >> the parents of infants having some sort of trick on how to get their babies to fall asleep faster is paramount. >> here is one you never expected. >> it is called the oompa loompa
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method. dad has his three week old daughter. she is clearly awake, and he starts doing this -- >> oompa loompa. >> at first i was like what? look at what happens. >> oompa loompa. >> before you know it, the little daughter is dozing off. >> he said he found this method by accident, and apparently it works almost every single time the baby needs to go to sleep and won't. >> that's the theory that maybe it works because it resembles the heart beat. >> i feel like i should try it on you. >> oompa loompa. i can't pick it up. i think i found some nominees for bffs of the year 2013 and they are --
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>> no, not at all. paul and his buddy fred from prince george british columbia, canada, this is fred behind the lens. fred even makes raven noises at his old buddy and then watch this. >> come on. >> he says, oh, yeah, we're going to get lunch. cool. no big deal. you can see he gets really excited. >> looking for food? >> wait, wait, wait. >> he was the only raven to survive a storm in which a nest fell. and all of his brothers and sisters died. he was the only one who made it. watch this. here he is hopping along and following fred back to the area where fred has a cool contraption to feed him and he does a little raven conversation. >> he has that down pat, too. that's a darn good raven call. >> best friends, sometimes they start sounding like each other.
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>> true. >> hola. >> fixing to get ready for work. >> needs a little work. >> he knows where he is going and climbs up this branch and a little set of stairs there that apparently fred made for him and gets up there and then fred has food and meat or something. >> there you go. all in the dish for you. okay. that aboy. >> perfect little meal prepared for your best friend. look at this. even at the end he gets a little pet. he pets the buddy. give him a little pat. >> good boy. >> he is up in space and going for a bare look. >> he will show us how to shave his head. >> see what this astronaut uses to get the job done. >> and a biker gets a surprise on the trail. what he does is a big
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we know animals can get themselves in pretty precarious situations. first off we have a cow with his head stuck in a tree. this is in england. no word on how this cow got his head stuck in this tree. as you can see, there is a big hollowed out area in the tree. >> a good samaritan spotted the cow and the fire department was called and look at this. they decided we're going to take the harnesses around and hook them to a crane. they physically lifted the cow up. then pulled the cow's head out
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of the hole. >> this next video was shot in canada, you have a guy riding on a bike and lost on the whoopty doo trail. as he is riding his mountain bike the animal ends up in a precarious situation. it is a giant black bear. >> whoa. >> just as the bike is rounding the corner the black bear jumps right out in front and runs full speed. >> i think he wanted to race. he was sitting there waiting and when the bike got close he jumped out there and said let's do this. me versus you. >> and bear clearly wins this one. bikes are smart. the biker slows down. he is like i think i will let this bear get a head start. >> the last thing i have shot in a zoo in the u.k. this otter is juggling. >> like a little shell or something? >> rocks. >> you have a couple and kind of like balancing them around and throwing them around as if he is magic. >> you're right. from one arm to the other and like at his arm pits and picks them up and does it again.
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>> almost like hovering over the body and laying there on the back keeping himself occupied. >>. [ laughter ] >> what's happening? >> apparently when someone starts giggling, it is contagious. >> it works. >> i just want to know what's so funny and made me start thinking of funny things you and start laughing because are you thinking of funny things and you are thinking of funny things and i will think of funny things. >> it is probably what happened here, too, that man with the black glasses and blonde hair walks up and everybody is seriously minding their own business on their ipads, drinking water, watching what is happening down the street. >> first the looks start, what is wrong with him? >> he keeps laughing and soon enough people start grinning and
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then -- [ laughter ] >> then just becomes uncontrollable laughter. this is put together by ritual cosmetics to promote the lasting beauty that says when you smile back, and it is true. they also launched a contest, so they're asking people to submit photos that make them smile or laugh, whoever wins when it is over is going to get a laughing buddha collection. >> if you want the link to the contest, go to cat tries to file.
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astronaut chris hatfield is back on ter ra firm a. we have to get to know chris. we know him pretty well but this chris is new. he is astronaut chris cassidy and he says luke is going to come to the space station and i need to fix myself up. he will show us how you can shave your head in space. >> go out on a limb here and get the full-on look. we have standard hair trimmer. the hair would go all over the place, so we need to connect it to our vacuum cleaner. >> it is so funny a guy is going through all of this to welcome another guy aboard the international space station. i guess little things like this make it fun. >> i think he learned to make a cool video and found an excuse to make a fool video. >> give yourself a space station mohawk. >> what do you think so far? stop here? i don't think so. >> this isn't to impress lucca. this is to kind of pay homage to
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lucca, so like you have a bald head, i will have a bald head to welcome awe barred. it is not like i want to look good. i want to say we're bros. >> astronaut bros, not that many people in it. >> the full on lucca ready for my new crew mate. thanks for coming to chris' barber shop. next up is docking. some raven nestlings enjoy a snack. >> there is an amazing story. >> why these baby birds are lucky you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. another day, another extreme sports enthusiast taking advantage of flood waters this time because of the flooding in germany and central europe. you have to make the best of it and this wake border did just that. comes from the left of the screen on a mountain bike. comes up here for the shallow water and able to lock his feet to the board and picks up the rope and starts getting towed through the streets. this is overflowing river. this is like the gutter on the side of the road. watch. this one hand flipping around and he knows what he is doing. >> a narrow pathway and he has amazing control. >> he puts the handle around his back and doing a little 360 move. >> and concrete drainage tunnel. >> i think it looks like maybe they mapped out the run a little
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bit. at the end he knows where to stop. you can see after the final trick he pulls up and goes off a little jump and then lands like up here on this hill side in the grass where the flooding canal stops. >> if edgar allan poe was introducing this video he would say quote the raven, feed me more. >> oh, little raven babies. >> those are actually raven nestlings, but tlz an amazing story behind the creatures. they were in a tree, a big strong wind storm hit the town where they were, and it knocked the tree down and miraculously these birds survived the person who is feeding them says she fed birds before and raised them by hand. this is nothing new for her to help out. >> as you can see they are hand fed and you don't just like put something on the tip of your finger, you have to stick your finger way into the beak. >> they don't hurt.
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they don't actually. >> it is so awesome. look at how hungry they are. they keep coming back with giant wide open like puppet mouths. >> meanwhile, and in south dakota, bear country usa near rapids city. you can see there is a bear but if you notice those are three wolves with them and they're not getting along. >> dang. that's risky. >> look, have you the three wolves. they're kind of surrounding this bear. i don't think they're any match for the bear. >> it is a big black bear. not a little one. >> nothing happens. the bear just kind of meanders away. the wolves, hunting in a pack. what the heck is going on here? >> talk about using the wrong tool for the job. apparently the guys down at the end of the block are trying to tear down this entire tree. now, instead of using a chain saw they decided to tie up an
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old clunker and just start yanking. >> that is never going to work. >> it doesn't work, steven. it is quite entertaining for the neighbor to watch these guys try over and over again. [ laughter ] >> they do this more than once? >> absolutely. you hear the guys down the block. >> do it again. >> if they do get it down, it is going to fall on top of the car. >> or maybe that car. >> or a person. >> we don't actually see the limb coming down. the uploader describes them as eventually using a chain saw and a truck to bring down the tree. >> this is a bad idea from so many different angles. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. i wouldn't change anything about the last 10 years
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